Great Customer Service is not only important it is core to what we believe in. Below are some of the comments we get from our very happy customers

Just wanted to say thank you for your perseverance in convincing me to use your online pharmacy to make orders for prescription products. As you know I was very reluctant to change, however I have to say that the experience is absolutely amazing, the system is so easy and so convenient, my prescribers can complete orders from the phone there is no scanning printing posting or any of that time consuming rubbish. Anyway, I won’t go on too much and just to let you know it’s an absolutely perfect system.

David Kelly

I Love Obagi Vitamin-C 15% Serum, it is my best friend,
I swear by it!

Louise Phelan

“We received the parcel this morning right on time. Now that is what I call customer service. I think a few of our other suppliers could take a learn a thing or two. Thank you for all of your help yesterday. This is why Healthxchange are my go to pharmacy. Their customer service is brilliant and you are confident that they will deliver for you.

Probably one of my favorite suppliers to be honest.”

Aine Larkin, INP, Director Younique Aesthetics

“Just FYI have had some great success with 2 of my clients on clenziderm and amazing results with nu derm with one of my melasma patients. Thank you for your help, just ordered another 3 kits today for new clients!”

Dr Yursa

“Thank you very much for the parcel. Great customer service.”


“Fab Thank you.
Wow such a weight off my mind doing it this way”


“I have just used the online ordering system for the first time…brilliant!!”


“I have no idea how many people work at Healthxchange, its probably quite a lot, but as a customer I feel like I get personal service from a small team who know me and my business.”


“I feel I receive an excellent service from Healthxchange. Staff members are very helpful and really ensure customer satisfaction.”

Box Beauty

“Keep up the excellent work. I have NEVER BEEN LET DOWN BY YOU.”

Dr Westley

“Have always been happy with service and advice received in the past, unable to think of any changes that will improve service.”


“Dear Healthxchange team
Thank you for regularly saving my bacon and for the excellent job you do.”


“Thank you, you have been most helpful, its lovely having good customer service, your pharmacy gets a 100% recommendation from me, in fact I have recently referred a practitioner to you, and she is now ordering from you.”


“Brilliant thankful so much for your support this morning really appreciate it and that’s why I always use your company rather than my other accounts Have a good day”